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Jeanette Pavlenko

Jeanette Pavlenko, born in 1936, is the daughter of Galina Bogatyreva-Kononova. She's an alumnus of the Leningrad Arts Academy and was a student of the famous sculptor and academician Mikhail Anikushin. Mrs.Pavlenko creates both small and large-scale sculptures and figurines using different techniques (e.g. papier-mâché, cement, gypsum).   

J Pavlenko Woman

The head of a woman

J Pavlenko Owl

The Owl

J Pavlenko mermaid 2

The Mermaid

J Pavlenko Boy

The Head of a boy

J Pavlenko Girl

The Sitting Girl

J Pavlenko Heron

The Heron

J Pavlenko Froggy

The Frog

J Pavlenko Boy 2

The Boy

J Pavlenko Accordeon

The Merry Couple

J Pavlenko Angels


J_Pavlenko_Girl and MagCat

The Girl with a Magic Cat


The Gnome

J_Pavlenko Mermaid_SM

The Mermaid

J_Pavlenko_Hare (in progress)

The Hare (in progress)

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