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 About us and our mission


Over 30 years ago Evgeny Tsvetkov created a project called Happy Dream Art. In the end of 1980s - beginning of 1990s Moscow artists organized a series of exhibitions dedicated to this conception, including one on Malta, and also produced a set of posters with their works, created in accordance with this principle - Happy Dream Art (Happy DA). This site is based on his ideas and was created under his direction.

Evgeny Tsvetkov conducted his research for more than 35 years and compiled his own dream book based on ancient Russian, British and Chinese dream books. This book includes detailed descriptions of dreams seen by people he knew, his friends and their children

A dream is like a spell, a prayer for a dream's fulfilment to the Heaven's Chancellery. One can ask Hypnos about Healing, Help, Protection, Luck, Happy Marriage - and you'll certainly get a reply if your prayer is sincere.

The role of spell can be performed by pictures. "Because  the dark Hypnos talks to us in the language of another, magic and enchanting power, which in the daytime reality we can only feel in High Art Creations". MoscowFineArt's know-how is that a person, not even being an artist, with the help of High Art Creations - pictures speaking in a magic language - can send his or her prayer to the Heaven's Chancellery. What is seen can become a dream, and the dream will come true.


True happiness is unique for everyone. Happiness is strictly individual, it has nothing to do with mass items, and Moscow Fine Art's mission is to help find it.

"Everyone is able to interpret the dreams, because everyone is capable of creativity. All the people are creators, because we have been created in the image and likeness of God, and about Him we know from the Holy Writ only one thing - that He was a Creator". - E.Tsvetkov 

  History is full of prophetic dreams, which have defined it to a great extent. The great Persian king Xerxes, under the influence of a vision which he had had, moved the war action to Greece and reaped all the fruits of grief: the vision had tricked the king.


An incredibly precise (in what regards the dream book's interpretation) dream was seen by the Siracuse ruler Dion. In this dream he was awakened by  a loud noise and went to see what was making it. And in the end of his palace's gallery he saw a huge scary looking woman who was sweeping the floor. Several days after, Dion's son threw himself out of the window and got killed. Thus, the ghost in the dream "swept out" someone's life (see "to sweep the floor", "sweep in the house" in the dream book).


 Abraham Lincoln always knew about the future victory in the Civil War from the same repeating prophetic dream. In this dream, it is said, he was gliding in a dark boat to the other shore...


A remarkable dream has been seen by Bismarck, and it greatly improved his self-confidence and belief in his predestination. He saw himself riding a horse between cliffs which became higher and higher, and the space between them narrower and narrower... 

And then there comes the moment when there's no way forward... At this moment he strikes the cliffs with his whip and they move out of the way, he finds himself on the mountain top and sees the valleys stretching at the roots of the mountains... He saw this dream before becoming a Chancellor and strengthening his position.

During all times and ages the dreams were being “interpreted”. In China, during the time of the mythical emperor Huan-Di (2698 BC), the book “Zhan Meng-Tzing” (Interpretation of dreams) was written. “Zhan” in Chinese means “to interpret or tell fortune” and “meng-tzing” – “see in dreams”. Later, during the time of Zhou dynasty (1122-249 BC), there existed a special office where “Zhang-Meng” served (Zhang is “interpret or tell fortunes” and Meng – “dreams), also called Meng Guan (Meng is “dream” and Guan is “an official”). These officials, responsible for interpreting dreams, had to do it for the emperors (I.G. Baranov, “Chinese Dream Books”, Harbin, 1925).


As a guide for dreams interpretation in China, the book “Ui-Tsia-Tzi” (“Notes from a jasper box”) was traditionally used. It looks like this book was created in 17th century AD. It has everything: from lucky days to explanation of ringing in the ears: if it’s in the left ear at night, then a friend is thinking about you, in the right ear – you’ll lose money. If it’s happening in the morning, ringing in the morning means invitation to a feast, in the right ear – you’ll soon have guests. The dream book in the second part of this book is divided into 27 sections by subject. First subject is Heaven: Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars… See a light in the sky – your wife will give birth to a son with a great future. Second category is – Mountains, Rocks, Trees, Ground… Uneven ground in your dream means a misfortune. To lie on a rock foretells happiness. The third part is about all creatures: a Turtle, Fishes, a Crayfish, Insects… Fishing means luck. Being stung by a mosquito means a loss…


A lot of things in our daytime life, which make us depressed or worried, does not worry us in dreams, although you do remember about these. Which one of us is real – hard to say.


Chinese wise man Zhuan Tzi had a dream about being a beautiful butterfly which has flying above the flowers in an easy and relaxed way. He woke up and started thinking: who is he now? Zhuan Tzi who had a dream about being a beautiful butterfly? Or a butterfly who is now dreaming about being Zhuan Tzi?


And us too, while we’re alive, we’ll be questioning ourselves about ourselves and asking: who are we? Interpretation of dreams is one of the attempts, one of the ways to answer this eternal question: who are we, actually?


The Wind asked the Lotus:

"What is your hidden essence?"

The Lotus replied:

"My essence is in this:

I’m a mystery for myself”.


----Rabindranath Tagore

Examples - from ancient time to present

Our Mission

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